The standard gearboxes are only a part of system requirements.
Specific needs often require dedicated solutions.
In those cases, we offer our support and “know-how”.
The gearboxes of our customers are developed, manufactured and assembled in a real collaboration to optimize the production.




Input torque:1 000Nm
Input speed:5 000rd/min
Output torque:13 000Nm
Gear transmission ratio
Shifted gearbox: i=1/4 ; 1/5 ; 1/5.8
Transfer gearbox: i=2 ; 3,2 ; 4






Power: 100 Kw
Input torque: 735Nm
Input speed: 6 000rd/min
Output torque: 10 000Nm
Gear transmission ratio : i=1,5/10 or 2/14
Water cooled housing, 30 bearings, 18 spur gear